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Helping the TI-Help Desk Efficiently Organise its Expansion

Topic: Organisational Management University Involved: University of Applied Sciences, Osnabrück Students Involved: 8 Year: 2013 Transparency International Chapter: TI-Secretariat


Definition of Task

The TI Anti-Corruption Helpdesk is faced with steadily growing demand and therefore envisages scaling up its services without a massive increase in human resources. This ambitious intention constitutes a very difficult challenge and needs to be managed carefully and thoroughly. The Think Tank ‘Verein für Nonprofit-Management’ has collectively developed proposals that can be used as food for thought and as a basis for further elaboration.


Referring to the valuable strategy performance management tool, we have identified four interconnected dimensions that are defined in this work as a potential starting point for analysis.

Within the four dimensions of analysis, Process deals with the general procedure of answering questions and possible room for improvement. Internet Presence (see chapter 3.2) is concerned with the visualisation of the Helpdesk feature and the Dissemination Strategy. Finances (see chapter 3.3) address potential funding methods for the long-term financing of Helpdesk. As contrasted with finances Resources (see chapter 3.4) mean other possible resources, especially human resources and their contingent input.

By this means the methodological approach of this work attempts to focus on the most important components and their linkages for achieving the organisation’s strategic priorities. All proposals are meant as approaches for further thinking and cannot capture the dimension in its entirety. Before presenting the different proposals, the following chapter describes the Customer Value and six central customer benefits of Helpdesk.

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30 Dec 2013

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