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Research Article Corruption and the private sector
A flurry of high-profile corruption scandals ranging from BAe Systems to Siemens, Halliburton to Samsung highlights the private sector plays a role at the supply side of corruption and faces a broad range of different corruption challenges. Translating this continuous stream of instances into a solid empirical account of the scale and scope of the corruption in the private sector is as difficult as it is essential for guiding policy reforms.
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Research Article Octet Stream ACRN Blog: A View from Canada
This blog post deals with corruption in Canada, a country that is commonly viewed as being relatively free from corruption. It suggests that when it comes to private sector corruption, particularly in the case of foreign bribery, Canada still has a long way to go.
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Research Article chemical/x-pdb Blog: Structural Challenges to Anti-Corruption in Canada
In this blog post Robert Hanlon takes a critical look at anti-corruption efforts in Canada, one of the countries that is generally perceived to be "clean" in global rankings. He uncovers some disturbing trends in the practices of the private sector, especially in the construction industry. Robert sheds light on some of the underlying reasons of corrupt practices and the challenges faced by anti-corruption initiatives in Canada.
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Research Article Preventing Bribery and Extortion in International Business Transactions
This article argues for a modification in the U.S strategy in the battle against corruption in international business transactions. The author points out several drawbacks on imposing criminal penalties on only those who give bribes to foreign officials.
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Resources and Trainings text/texmacs United States Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Facts
How and Why to File a FOIA Request in the United States of America.
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DataSet World Values Survey
Representative responses to a wide variety of questions on subjective values, including corruption themes, collected in 87 societes in five waves between 1981 and 2008, totalling more than 256.000 interviews.
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DataSet World Development Indicators 2011
The primary World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially-recognized international sources, the World Development Indicators (WDI) is the World Bank's flagship statistical publication and establishes the benchmark against which development progress is measured. This 15th edition of WDI in its current format, aims to provide relevant, high-quality, internationally comparable statistics about development and the quality of people’s lives around the globe. It focuses on the impact of the decision to make data freely available under an open license and with better online tools. The section introductions discuss key issues in measuring the economic and social phenomena described in the tables and charts and introduce new sources of data. It includes more than 900 indicators in more than 90 tables organized in 6 sections: World View, People, Environment, Economy, States and Markets, and Global Links. The data includes national, regional and global estimates.
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DataSet Where the Bribes Are Paid - Interactive Database
This interactive database compiles decades of data on violations and penalties under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the U.S. flagship legislation that makes bribery of foreign officials a crime. Since its inception, prosecutors have penalized over 200 companies under the FCPA in about 80 countries, amassing about $4 billion in penalties. The database, called Where the Bribes are Paid , allows users to see how the total penalties amassed in each country break down by sector.
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Course Public Corruption and the Law (University of Chicago Law School)
This seminar focuses on how governments use the law to prevent and catch public corruption, how the law is sometimes used to protect public corruption, and how one should determine the optimal response to corruption and its consequences.
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Course VCS/ICS calendar Ethics in American Politics (University of Florida)
The problem of unethical behavior involving elected officials is a perennial concern in American politics. Since the early days of the Republic, policy makers and ordinary citizens have sought to control unethical conduct such as bribery and treason. In recent decades, the focus of concern about political ethics has shifted to the problem of "conflicts of interest" between elected officials' private interests and their public duties, and to the regulation of campaign finance. This course will examine theories of political ethics, important episodes of corruption, and the regulation of political ethics through elections and legislation. The main focus will be on the ethics of legislators, but we will also look at presidents, governors, and other public officials.
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