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New issue of the ACRN Quarterly!

Do you want to find out about the latest in corruption research? Check out the new issue of our Anti-Corruption Research Network Quarterly .

Welcome to the twelfth issue of Anti-Corruption Research Quarterly. Here you will find recent insights and activities in anti-corruption research, synthesised for scholars, policy-makers and practitioners.

In this edition, we put the spotlight on the article Paying Bribes to Get Public Services: a Global Guide to Concepts and Survey Measures. Prof. Richard Rose and Dr. Caryn Peiffer offer a comprehensive overview on the chief determinants of bribery and practical tips on how these factors should be integrated in an effective survey questionnaire.

Join the ACRN community to stay up to speed with new innovative findings and approaches, to get connected to those sharing your ambition for a cleaner world  and find out about interesting conferences, courses and professional prospects!


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12 May 2013

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