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Research Design in Qualitative Analysis: Interviews & text analysis

The seminar takes us from the general questions about approaches in the social sciences covered in the Core Methods Seminar into practical issues of how to design a research project.

It is aimed at researchers using qualitative methods in the broadest sense. We start off asking about the different questions that might be asked and what are the implications for choice of methods. Then we follow through the steps in research design. Before the end of the first term, those choosing this seminar should send a one‐page abstract of their research project. This will allow us to tailor the seminar to the needs of the participants. Suggestions as to other topics we might cover will be very welcome!

Donatella della Porta is a professor of political science and political sociology, known for her research in the areas of social movements, corruption, political violence, police and policies of public order. She is currently professor at the European University Institute and co-editor of the European Political Science Review. The entire course syllabus can be found here:

15 Nov 2013

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