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Promoting Democracy : What role for the Emerging Powers?

Democracy promotion by emerging powers

German Development Institute

May 15, 2013 12:00 AM

An international conference will be organised in Ottawa on the 15-16 October 2013, with the goal of examining what role emerging powers, particularly emerging democracies such as Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, India or Indonesia can play in promoting democracy beyond their own borders. The conference will focus on three aspects : - the state of affairs of international democracy promotion efforts and the role of the emerging powers within them - past and current democracy promotion efforts of some key emerging powers themselves, particularly Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, India, and Indonesia -democracy promotion by the emerging powers in multilateral settings, including regional organizations, the United Nations, the G20, emerging-country groupings such as IBSA, or international associations specifically created to promote democracy, such as the Community of Democracies. Trilateral forms of cooperation, involving emerging as well as western countries will also be examined under this heading. Abstracts should be sent by the 15th of May and travel support will be available for some participants.

02 May 2013

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