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Anti-Corruption, Integrity, Ethics and Corporate Governance Conference

Anti-Corruption Workshop

COT Management Training Institute

Oct 10, 2015 12:00 AM

DURATION : Two Weeks VENUE : Mbabane, Swaziland • Training Materials( Soft Copies) and notes Hand-outs • Tea Breaks/ refreshments • Course tuition • Personal action planning • Certification • Follow-up support (on request)


Course Introduction

The course presents an in-depth survey of methods and best practices taken by governments, non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”), and other stakeholders to eradicate corruption and promote transparency. The course reviews elements in public sector management commonly known as “good governance,” the causes and effects of corruption, and undertakes a comparative study of domestic and multilateral efforts to eliminate corruption. Additionally, the course examines the history, foundation and main provisions of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and other international instruments designed to curb corruption and their implications for governance and transparency worldwide.
Participants will be expected to fashion an anti-corruption strategy that fits their country’s individual needs and circumstances in recognition of the need to include the full range of stakeholders.

Overview and Objectives

This practical two weeks course gives you a profound knowledge Anti-Corruption, Integrity, Ethics and Coporate Governance issues at the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and describe the ethical frameworks applicable to the delivery of public service
  • Analyse the impact of corruption on public value and benefit, whilst identifying the key challenges in promoting and administering ethics and integrity within the public sector
  • Demonstrate an understanding of corruption and misconduct from both a comparative / historical and domestic / international context
  • Apply theoretical perspectives to the understanding of why corruption and misconduct can arise
  • Apply and evaluate different approaches for addressing integrity assurance and corruption prevention
  • Strategies on how to build resilience within an anti-corruption or integrity assurance work environment
  • Understand and apply management strategies to corruption and integrity issues.
  • Adopt the appropriate mechanism for effective governance
  • Value the shareholder and stakeholder rights and responsibilities
  • Adhere to sound principles of direction and management
  • Understand the significance of audit committee, its composition and responsibilities
  • Implement best practices on corporate management
  • Understand current developments in corporate governance and its environment: an overview of the legal structure of corporate governance; theories of corporate governance
  • Comparative dimensions of corporate governance: global convergence or path dependence
  • Understand corporate ethics 
  • Encourage shareholder activism: merits and feasibility

Module 1: Corruption Prevention and Ethics

  • Session 1: Theories of Corruption Behaviour 
  • Session2 : Understanding the Challenges of Corruption Prevention and Integrity Assurance
  • Session 3: Corruption Prevention Strategies and programs
  • Session 4: Corruption Governance Models
  • Session 5: Politicisation and Work Place Culture 
  • Session 6: Ethical Models In the Public Sector
  • Session 7: Types of Corruption and Misconduct
  • Session 8: The Key Challenge of Corruption


Module 2: Mechanisms to curb corruption

  • Session 1: Overview
  • Session 2: Public Sector Mechanism
  • Session 3: Private Sector Issues and Mechanisms
  • Session 4: Civil Society Mechanisms

Module 3: Coporate Governance

  • Session 1: Corporate Governance
  • Session 2: Models and Mechanisms
  • Session 3: Shareholders and Stakeholders
  • Session 4: Board of Directors
  • Session 5: Audit Committee
  • Session 6: Corporate Scandals
  • Session 7: Best Practices
  • Session 8: Corporate Governance in Public Sector


21 Sep 2015

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