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American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting (DEADLINE: 15.12.2014)

American Political Science Association

Dec 15, 2014 12:00 AM

The APSA is calling for paper proposals for its 2015 annual meeting.

Proposal Submission Procedure
APSA accepts paper, organized panel proposals, and chair and discussant proposals.

  • Paper Proposals
    Paper title, abstract of no more than 5,000 characters (roughly 1,000 words), co-author information, and first and second division choice.
  • Organized Panel Proposals
    Panel title, panel abstract, presenter information including paper titles and abstracts, chair and discussant information, and first and second division choice.
  • Chair and Discussant Proposals
    Please indicate your affiliation, CV, and your first and second division choice.

View the 2015 Division Chair Contacts.
You are welcome to reach out to the division chairs to discuss your proposal in advance. 

1. Political Thought and Philosophy: Historical Approaches
2. *Foundations of Political Theory
3. Normative Political Theory
4. Formal Political Theory
5. *Political Psychology
6. *Political Economy

7. *Politics and History 

8. *Political Methodology
9. Teaching and Learning in Political Science
10. *Political Science Education
11. *Comparative Politics
12. Comparative Politics of Developing Countries
13. The Politics of Communist and Former Communist Countries
14. Comparative Politics of Advanced Industrial Societies

15. *European Politics and Society

16. International Political Economy
17. International Collaboration
18. International Security
19. *International Security and Arms Control
20. *Foreign Policy
21. *Conflict Processes

22. *Legislative Studies

23. *Presidents and Executive Politics
24. *Public Administration
25. *Public Policy

*Law and Courts
27. Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence
28. *Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
29. *State Politics and Policy
30. *Urban Politics
31. *Women and Politics
32. *Race, Ethnicity, and Politics

33. *Religion and Politics

34. *Representation and Electoral Systems 
35. *Political Organizations and Parties
36. *Elections and Voting Behavior

37. *Public Opinion

38. *Political Communication

39. *Science, Technology, and 
Environmental Politics
*Information Technology and Politics
41. *Politics, Literature and Film

42. *New Political Science

43. *International History and Politics

44. *Comparative Democratization
45. *Human Rights  
46. *Qualitative Methods
47. *Sexuality and Politics

48. *Health Politics and Health Policy

49. *Canadian Politics

50. *Political Networks 

51. *Experimental Research
52. *Migration and Citizenship
53. *African Politics

*denotes an APSA Organized Section

11 Nov 2014

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