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Call for Papers and Invitations to Conferences and Workshops

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Call for Papers
10 Apr 2012

The International Political Economy Society Call for Paper Proposals

The International Political Economy Society (IPES) is now accepting paper proposals for its annual meeting to be held November 9-10, 2012 at the University of Virginia. Papers appropriate for the conference include some international component (i.e., either the independent or dependent variable must be "international" in some meaningful sense), and either focus on the politics of economic phenomena (e.g., globalisation) or an economic policy (e.g., monetary policy). The Society welcomes ...

Call for Papers
08 Mar 2012

10th Workshop of the Study Group of the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) on Ethics and Integrity of Governance

The Study Group on Ethics and Integrity of Governance brings together academics and practitioners interested in the ethical dimension of administration and organization. The group's mission is to establish a long-term network aimed at stimulating research on public sector integrity and ethics in Europe. The aim of the annual sessions is to present an overview of the cutting-edge academic research on ethics and integrity of governance with relevance for the practice of European governance ...

Call for Papers
05 Mar 2012

Corruption at the Grassroots-level - Between Temptation, Norms, and Culture

The macroeconomic correlates of corruption are well understood and well researched. Empirical evidence on the micro level, however, is still far from being exhaustive. In particular, it is not clear to what extent empirical results of interesting case studies - both experimental and microeconometric - are specific to the cultural or normative context in which they have been derived. In how far are social norms in conflict with corrupt temptations and how does this context-specific conflict ...

Call for Papers
23 Feb 2012

Call for Research Designs - Conference on Field Experiments in International Relations

Experiments provide the best method for identifying causal effects in social science, but they have been undersupplied in international relations. To help fill this gap, this conference is being organised for interested scholars to discuss research designs for field experiments in transnational affairs. The conference will be held in Park City, Utah September 21-22, 2012. After the conference, scholars will revise the designs, execute the experiments, and then present their findings and ...

Call for Papers
19 Feb 2012

Call for Chapter Proposals - Government Counter-Corruption Strategies

Given the mounting evidence that public corruption could largely destroy the political, social, and economic systems, each government and society in the world has to seriously deal with the issue of public corruption. The goal of the Government Counter Corruption Strategies is to provide practitioners, students, and researchers with a useful knowledge base about public corruption and strategic approaches to preventing, reducing, and combating corruption. The book is structured around three main ...

Call for Papers
10 Feb 2012

Civil Society Organizations Fighting Corruption: Theory and Practice Workshop

The fight against corruption has figured high on the agenda of the international community since the mid 1990s resulting in the adoption of regional and international conventions. Civil society is regarded by many of these conventions as an important tool in this fight. While Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have an obvious role in raising awareness, their more direct involvement in fighting corruption has proved vexing. For example, following the Third Conference of the States Parties to the ...

Call for Papers
27 Jan 2012

PEGNET Conference 2012: How to Make African Economic Lions

The Poverty Reduction, Equity, and Growth Network’s (PEGNet) conference 2012 on „How to Make African Economic Lions: Tapping Africa’s Growth and Poverty Reduction Potentials“ will be held in Dakar in cooperation with the Poverty and Economic Policy (PEP) research network hosted in Africa by the Consortium pour la Recherche Economique et Sociale (CRES). The conference will provide a platform for high-level dialogue between development researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. Taking an ...

Call for Papers
16 Jan 2012

Ethical Finance and Governance within the European Union Context

The First International Workshop on "Ethical Finance & Governance” will take place in December, 16 in Paris. This workshop aims to consider the development of financial activities in an ethical perspective and the effectiveness of corporate governance. The conference will focus on opportunities within sustainable and ethical finance arenas, considering, in particular, Islamic finance as a sub-sector of ethical finance. Topics for this conference include, but are not limited to: Ethics and ...

Call for Papers
21 Dec 2011

Carnegie Council Student/Teacher International Essay Contest "Making a Difference"

In recent years, "sustainability" has become a buzz-word for scholars, businesspeople, and policymakers alike. It has come to embody a wide variety of approaches that aim to bring society in harmony with the environment. For some, it is heralded as the ultimate way to improve today's way of life and to guarantee human existence well into the future. In this competition we challenge you to move beyond the buzz and explore what sustainability means to you. How do you understand sustainability? ...

Call for Papers
02 Dec 2011

2nd Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop

The aim of this workshop, on 7th- 8th June 2012, is to explore the possibilities and potentialities of markets and how these may be translated into ‘really existing’ markets. Particular emphasis is placed on the ordering or civilising processes (social and economic) that underlie attempts at marketisation, and the values or ‘orders of worth’ they are conceived upon. We particularly welcome in depth empirical studies of marketisation processes in new areas and of major changes in existing ...

Call for Papers
27 Oct 2011

2012 Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics

The 2012 ABCDE conference organized by the World Bank Development Economics (DEC) Vice Presidency will be held on May 7-8, 2012 at World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C. The theme of the conference will be “Accountability and Transparency for Development”. The conference aims to promote the exchange of cutting-edge research among researchers, policymakers, and development practitioners. The ABCDE Organizing Committee is issuing a call for papers that examine in innovative ways the links ...

Call for Papers
19 Oct 2011

UNDP, UNU Rio+20 joint publication

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) are jointly organising a special issue of the journal Public Administration and Development (Wiley-Blackwell) on “institutional frameworks for sustainable development and green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication”. These topics will be the two main themes of the Rio+20 Conference — the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development ...

Call for Papers
10 Oct 2011

Transatlantic Conference on Transparency Research

The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers from North-America and Europe in order to exchange the latest findings and insights concerning transparency and open government. This transatlantic conference on transparency research follows up on the 1st Global Conference on Transparency Research which was held in Newark (NJ) in May 2011. We explicitly aim to bring together scholars from various disciplines such as public administration, law, political science, journalism, ...

Call for Papers
05 Oct 2011

Workshop on Human Trafficking, International Crime and National Security: A Human Rights Perspective

Submissions are invited for a workshop on human trafficking, international crime and national security with a particular focus on human rights, to be held in Goettingen, Germany, on February 3-4, 2012. As part of the European Commission’s Project on Indexing Trafficking in Human Beings, this workshop brings together economists, political scientists, and other scholars, as well as policy makers to address emerging problems of human trafficking and transnational crimes. Empirical, theoretical and ...

Call for Papers
19 Sep 2011

oikos / PRI Young Scholars Finance Academy 2012

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and oikos foundation will convene the fourth annual international Young Scholars Finance Academy on February 5-10, 2012 in Gais, Switzerland. The Academy provides a unique platform to develop emerging researchers. Exceptional graduate students and young faculty are at the center of the programme and they will have exposure to leading academics and practitioners who provide feedback on their work and share advice about careers in the field of ...

The Persistence of Informal Economic Practices in Post-Socialist Societies (edited collection)
15 Sep 2011

The Persistence of Informal Economic Practices in Post-Socialist Societies (edited collection)

Authors are sought for a book on informal practices in post-Socialist societies. This book is conceived as an exploration of the mechanisms regulating, in different contexts and modalities, the development and functioning of informal practices. In order to do this we invite chapters concentrating on a case study of a particular category of people (entrepreneurs, politicians, students, civil servants, small traders, taxi drivers), who are regularly engaging with informal transactions. Please see ...

Call for Papers
28 Aug 2011

CSR in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Countries

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a concept for business from within developed, Western economies. Such economies are underpinned by functioning institutions, where compliance with regulation is assumed. CSR is therefore based on the assumption that firms will voluntarily engage in activity to address perceived responsibilities outside the firm’s legal and economic obligations. Recently a number of scholars have challenged the capacity of this traditional CSR approach to take ...

Call for Papers
19 Aug 2011

Democracy and Corruption: attitudes, processes and control

Submissions are being requested for a panel titled, "Democracy and Corruption: attitudes, processes and control" at the VI Congress of the Portuguese Political Science Association. The purpose of this panel is threefold: to understand the contexts, actors, resources and exchange processes through which corruption develops in and impacts on democracy; to survey the present ethical dilemmas affecting citizens’ understanding, adhesion and visions of ethical standards in democracy; and to assess ...

Call for Papers
19 Jul 2011

Research workshop March 2012 - Measurement in Customs and Tax administrations - call for papers

The World Customs Organization, The World Bank and the Algerian Customs have organized a research worskhop on measurement in Customs and Tax administrations in emerging and developing countries in Algiers on 5-6 March 2012.

Call for Papers
18 Jul 2011

Impact of the North African Revolutions on Sub-Saharan Africa

AfriMAP invites submissions of papers on the impact of the events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya on governance in sub-Saharan Africa. The objective is to encourage and promote new thinking and debate on issues that AfriMAP is exploring through its research. Submissions based on primary sources, personal research and innovative thinking are particularly encouraged. Papers are accepted in English, French and Portuguese, up to 2,000 words in length, and those selected will be published on the ...

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