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Help Transparency International to unmask the corrupt

Posted by Ben Wheatland at Dec 14, 2015 02:57 PM |
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Transparency International launched a new competition, "Unmask the Corrupt", on Wednesday 9th December - Anti-corruption day.

Last week, Transparency International opened the voting stage for its new "Unmask the Corrupt" campaign.

The campaign asks members of the public to help TI to vote for a case of grand corruption that is emblematic of the issue. Grand corruption is the abuse of high-level power, benefiting a small number of people to the detriment of the majority. Too often does it go unreported and unpunished.

Members of the public are invited to vote on one of fifteen different corruption cases, concerning individuals, groups of people, and even companies. The nominees are:

  • China Communications Construction Company, a state-controlled construction group that has been blacklisted by international funding bodies. 
  • Teodoro Nguema Obiang, the son of Equatorial Guinea's president with a multi-million dollar empire abroad and a key target in France's money laundering investigations.
  • The Myanmar Jade Trade, one of the biggest natural resources heists in history.
  • The US State of Delaware, a corporate secrecy haven and cross-border crime hub.
  • Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali, former president of Tunisia accused of stealing up to 2.6 billion dollars from Tunisians.
  • Akhmad Kadyrov Foundation, a Chechnyan body for social and economic development that makes up to 60 million dollars per month whilst 80% of the Chechnyan people live in poverty.
  • Lebanon's political system, involving systemic government and institutional corruption.
  • FIFA, world football's governing body whose top officials are accused of stealing millions of dollars.
  • Banco Espirito Santo, a bank that has allegedly helped the corrupt worldwide.
  • Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, former president of Egypt who is accused of diverting one billion dollars from the Egyptian people.
  • Isabel Dos Santos, daughter of Angola's president and the richest woman in Africa.
  • Ricardo Martinelli, the former president of Panama, and his close allies who allegedly diverted 100 million dollars from citizens.
  • Viktor Yanukovych, the former president of Ukraine who lived in a multi-million dollar villa before fleeing to Russia and being charged with embezzlement.
  • Petrobras, Brazil's state-controlled oil company which has allegedly taken up to two billion dollars in bribes.
  • Felix Bautista, a Dominican Republic Senator who allegedly enriched himself with millions in state funds.

You can help make your mark by voting in the competition. For more information on all of the cases, and instructions on how to vote, please see here.

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