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Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (International Anti-Corruption Academy)

The Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) is the world’s first international and interdisciplinary Master programme in Anti-Corruption Studies. It is a part-time programme designed for working professionals who wish to remain fully employed while pursuing their degree. MACS students will have the opportunity to study in a participatory environment, among a group of motivated and committed individuals.

During the first academic year, the programme will consist of a series of multi-disciplinary core courses that provide participants with a strong foundation of fundamental theories on corruption, combined with academic research methodology. During the second academic year, the programme will focus on courses that provide participants with practical strategies in countering corruption. Additionally, participants will be required to complete their thesis for which supporting courses will be offered. 


Course structure:

The MACS runs over a period of 24 months. It consists of seven intensive, two-week modules taking place in three-month intervals at the IACA campus and in other locations worldwide. This will amount to a total of 70 classroom days. This is a format that allows for maximum learning opportunities within a compact amount of time.

The MACS will enable individuals to take part in the programme while maintaining their current professional careers. It combines distance learning with in-class modules using a three-tier modular structure (pre-, core- and post-module), ensuring effective knowledge transfer and the immediate applicability of content.

Courses will be carried out through lectures, case studies, interactive games, group work and stakeholder discussions, and will strive to identify best practices. All modules will be complemented by panel discussions, excursions, or special events.

Applications may be submitted until Friday, 26 October 2012.

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13 Sep 2012

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