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Fighting Corruption in Developing Countries: What can donors do? (Sciences Po)

Developed by Bathylle Missika at Sciences Po, this course provides an overview of the fight against corruption in developing countries, mainly from the perspective of bilateral and multilateral donors’ efforts. The discussions are framed within the broader context of governance efforts in developing countries. The course looks into the many aspects of corruption (administrative vs. political corruption), the actors involved (UN, OECD, Transparency International, etc.), their strategies and tools to address this issue through Official Development Assistance (ODA). It also looks at the politics of the anti-corruption “business”.

Some sample modules and readings for the course is as follows:

Why are donors working on governance and anti-corruption?

  • G. Hyden, "Making Sense of Governance, Sorting out the Basics", OECD Report, 2007, Onilne:
  • V. Fritz, "Good enough? The evolving governance and anti-corruption agenda", Irish Aid Report, 2007, Online:
  • "Governance, Development and Democratic Politics: DFID’s work in building more effective states", DFID Report, May 2007, Online:


Corruption: Symptom or cause of bad governance?
  • M. Johnston, "Keeping the Answers, Changing the Questions: Corruption Definitions Revisited", in U. von Alemann (ed.), Dimensionen politischer Korruption: Beiträge zum Stand der internntionalen Forschung (Wiesbaden: Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2005)
  • D. Kaufmann, "Back to the Basics - 10 Myths About Governance and Corruption", Finance and Development, 42(3), 2005, Online:
  • A. Shah, "Tailoring the Fight against Corruption to Country Circumstances", World Bank Report, 2007, Online:


The Multidimensional Aspects of Corruption: From petit to grand corruption
  • F. Nawaz, "Tracking the progress of grand corruption cases: best practices and indicators", U4 Expert Answer, August 2009, Online:
  • A. Shah and M. Schacter, "Combating corruption: look before you leap", Finance and Development, December 2004, Online:


For more information and the detailed course syllabus, please see the link below:


25 Jan 2011

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