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Sciences Po Paris (France) : Course (in French) “Corruption(s): Problématisations et réactions sociales”.

This 24h course aims at making students familiar with the ways of analyzing corruption and policies that are designed to address it. In order to show that the problematization of corruption depends on the considered socio-historical context, the course will adopt a comparative approach with cases from different geographical areas and historical periods.

Three series of issues will frame the course. First, the course will discuss evolution of definitions of corruption, as well as the variations in proximity with definitions of other social issues (favoritism, clientelism, white-collar crime, organized crime etc.). Next, forms of corruption will be studied : bureaucratic corruption (abuse of office), political corruption (political party financing, trading in influence, public procurement, etc.), international corruption for entering new markets, etc. Finally, the course will deal with the organisation of the anti-corruption struggle :  the importance of scandals in revealing illicit practices, the role of moral entrepreneurs and of “white knights” in denouncing corruption, the spreading “anti-corruption” kits worldwide and the actors involved in this fight (NGOs, private financial actors, etc.)


Translated from the course’s draft syllabus. More information on :


16 May 2013

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