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University of Sussex (UK) – MA in Corruption and Governance

The University of Sussex offers a new one-year MA entirely focused on Corruption and Governance issues. It encompasses theoretical aspects of corruption, allowing student to understand “what corruption is, where it flourishes, why it proliferates, what challenges it poses for policy-makers and the business community and, ultimately, what can be done to counteract it”, as well as practical experience through the opportunity to undertake a three months internship in an organisation of this field.

The MA is open to students from various backgrounds (law, business, sociology, anthropology, political science), as well as to practitioners from the field. Students are offered cross-disciplinary options such as “Business and Ethics in Anthropology”  ; “Criminalisation, Plea-Bargaining and Corruption” ; “Development, Business and Corporate Social Responsibility” ; “International Transnational Offending ; Political Parties and Party Systems” ; “Public Policy Dilemmas and Challenges” ; “State Capacity, Energy and Corruption” ; “Tackling Corruption: Methods, Means and Mechanisms”  and “The European Union: Justice and Home Affairs”. 


To complete the MA, students are expected to write a 20,000 word dissertation during the summer term.


More information can be found on the MA’s page :

16 May 2013

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