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Corruption and Anti-Corruption (Australian National University)

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A graduate level course at the School of Philosophy, this course aims to give students a good theoretical understanding of the ethical issues informing central and current understanding of corruption and anti-corruption, and of some key philosophical issues of importance to applied ethics more generally.

Course Description: Contrary to what is sometimes said and thought, corruption is, at its core, a species of moral wrongdoing or of unethical behaviour. While many examples of corrupt activity are also examples of illegal activity, it is not always the case that corrupt activities are illegal, or even that illegal activities are corrupt. This course examines the nature, causes and moral implications of corruption, as well as strategies that can be applied to combat corruption. Since the focus of the course is corruption in general, rather than corruption in any specific context, examples and cases will be drawn from a range of roles and professions, in both the public and private spheres.

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23 Aug 2010

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