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US and International Anti-Corruption Law Summer Program 16-20 June 2014

The U.S. and International Anti-Corruption Law intensive five-day program is taught by prominent experts, including present and former U.S. and foreign government prosecutors, investigators for international organizations, law firm practitioners, and corporate counsel.

Courses, which are being taught at American University’s Washington College of Law, focus on the U.S. legal anti-corruption framework, the evolving international legal regime governing transnational bribery and corruption and how multilateral development institutions identify and mitigate corruption risk. They cover what practicing attorneys need to know to advise their clients and protect themselves.

A special track on the United Nations Convention against Corruption, now in force in over 160 countries, analyzes its provisions and their implementation, participation in the peer review mechanism and the impact on transnational law enforcement and legal assistance.   Designed for government officials developing their countries’ anti-corruption systems, this course is also appropriate for practicing attorneys providing guidance on compliance and for academics, private sector and non-profits seeking to participate in the peer review process.

Classes and site visits in Washington, D.C. bring participants in contact with practitioners from the U.S. Government, international organizations, the private sector, and civil society. Luncheons and networking activities provide participants with the opportunity to exchange information and interact with their peers and expert instructors.

The intensive five-day program with classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening is designed to accommodate busy schedules. Courses are also open to L.L.M. and upper level JD students. Participants will be eligible for academic credit or a Certificate upon completion of the program.  CLE credit is still to be confirmed.

Five courses are offered:

  1. Doing Business in the U.S.: The Legal Anti-Corruption Framework
  2. Doing Business Abroad: Corruption Risk & Mitigation
  3. Doing Business with Multilateral Development Banks
  4. United Nations Convention Against Corruption
  5. Corruption and Human Rights

For more information on the course schedule and description, click here. The program will be offered in the summer of 2014. Information on the faculty participating in the program is also available here.

01 Jan 2014

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