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Syllabus on “GLOBAL MECHANISMS OF ACCOUNTABILITY”, Jindal Global University, India

Dr. Rajdeep Pakanati's course "Global Mechanisms of Accountability" looks at the burgeoning mechanisms of accountability, while considering the concomitant concept of transparency.

The course looks first at how accountability has emerged as a central agenda, before moving on to assess the types of accountability and look at the various indices developed to measure transparency and accountability.

The course (syallbus available here) specifically focuses on Freedom of Information Laws, which is the mainstay effort at the national level. This is coupled by looking other public accountability mechanisms like – Financial Disclosure; Conflict of Interest Restrictions; and Immunity Provisions.

At the international level, the course looks at the various conventions, voluntary standards and efforts of the International Financial Institutions like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development Bank.


 - To provide knowledge of the procedural rules and processes which form the basis of accountability mechanisms, incorporating aspects of both domestic and international
mechanisms, including the sources of such mechanisms and the associated institutions, together with detailed consideration of a number of spheres of activity directly
influenced by it.

- To interconnect the role of international law, role of civil society actors and the role of international business in developing and implementing such mechanisms of

Reading list

The syllabus contains an extensive reading list on the topic of accountability.

14 Jul 2014

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