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Post-Graduate Certificate in Corruption Studies (University of Hong Kong)

This is a three-week full-time anti-corruption course at the University of Hong Kong.

This three-week full-time course at the University of Hong Kong is comprised of six modules, including

(1) Theories on Corruption;

(2) Corruption Legislation;

(3) Comparative Studies of Anti-Corruption Structures and Strategies;

(4) Anti-Corruption Enforcement;

(5) Corruption Prevention and Community Education,

(6) Integrated Group Project.

 The course will be taught in English and takes place from November 5, 2013 until November 28, 2013 (weekdays (9:00am – 5:00pm) and/or Saturday & Sunday). The course includes face-to-face teaching and interactive learning through lectures, seminars, workshops, and case studies. Presentations, experience-sharing, focus group interviews, and field trips to visit law enforcement agencies in Hong Kong may be arranged where appropriate to provide students opportunities to apply the knowledge and concepts learned in the course and hence improve their understandings in anti-corruption studies.

Mr. Tony Kwok, SBS, IDS, is the Honorary Course Director, Adjunct Professor, and the founder of this programme.  He served with the Hong Kong ICAC for 27 years and retired as the Deputy Commissioner and Head of Operations in 2002. Since his retirement, he has been invited to 25 countries to provide anti-corruption consultancy and training and was a member of the United Nations Anti-corruption Expert Group (2006), Visiting Lecturer of the International Anti Corruption Academy, Visiting Expert of UN Asia & Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime & Treatment of Offenders (UNAFEI), Regional Coordinator (East Asia) of the International Association of Anti Corruption Authorities (IAACA), Anti-corruption Expert on the Review of the ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiatives for the Asia Pacific, and was the Honorary Advisor to Anti-Corruption Agencies of the Government of Mongolia and the Philippines

For more information on the course, see

13 Nov 2013

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