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Economics of Corruption (Paris School of Economics)

Developed by professor Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky, this course aims to introduce the students to formal and empirical analyses of corruption in central issues of public and development economics. The course is part of the Public Policy and Development Programme at the Paris School of Economics.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Definitions of corruption and overview of corruption in the world
  • Corruption and public economics
  • Corruption and regulation
  • Collusion in public-private partnerships
  • Corruption in extractive industry: the resource curse
  • Corruption and growth
  • Extortion of foreign firms in weak governance countries
  • A theory of misgovernance
  • Empirical analysis of corruption


The textbook of the course is “International Handbook on the  Economics of Corruption”, edited by Susan Rose-Ackerman (2006). 

 Other readings include:

  • A. Banerdjee, “A theory of Misgovernance", The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 112 (4): 1289-1332, 1997
  • Acemoglu and Verdier (1998), “The Choice between Market Failure and Corruption”,  American Economic Review, 90(1): 194-211, 2000
  • O. Compte, “ Corruption and Competition in Procurement Auction”,  RAND Journal of Economics, 36(1): 1-15, 2005 
  • A. Lambert-Mogiliansky, "A Strategic Analysis of Petty Corruption”, Journal of Development Economics,  83(2): 351-367, 2007

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14 Nov 2013

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