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International Efforts to Combat Corruption Seminar (Georgetown University)

This course, part of the J.D. program at Georgetown’s law school, is meant to introduce law students to the international legal framework in place to fight corruption and provide students with information on the main players on the international stage.

The course covers (i) the scope and effectiveness of the major anticorruption instruments, with a focus on the FCPA, the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Officials in International Business Transactions, and the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC); (ii) the methodologies employed by key national and international enforcement agencies; (iii) multi-stakeholder initiatives to recover stolen assets and tackle money laundering; and (iv) emerging trends in private sector prevention and compliance initiatives.

The course also discusses corruption issues in the aid community, where the need to prevent corruption must be balanced with other developmental prerogatives. The course is taught by Pascale Helene Dubois, an Evaluation and Suspension Officer for the World Bank, where Ms. Dubois suspends and debars firms and individuals accused of fraud and corruption in World Bank-financed projects.

Professor Dubois has been involved with the Bank's anti-corruption efforts for close to a decade. Prior to her appointment as Evaluation and Suspension Officer, Professor Dubois managed the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) in the World Bank's Integrity Vice Presidency (INT). Before joining INT, Professor Dubois worked for seven years in the World Bank's Legal Department as Senior counsel for the Africa Region. In that position, she provided legal advice in support of a variety of Bank-financed projects throughout the region, with a special focus on private sector development, legal reform and anticorruption initiatives. Professor Dubois came to the World Bank after a ten-year career as a transactional attorney in the private sector, specializing in international mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances.For more information on Ms. Dubois, please click here.

For more information on the course, please see the following link: For more information on Georgetown University's law school, please see the following link:

14 Nov 2013

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