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Graduate Certificate in Corruption and Integrity Management (Charles Sturt University)

This distance learning course is suitable for those with careers in law enforcement, police service internal affairs, domestic and international integrity assurance and anti-corruption agencies, and any organisation or agency that has an integrity or anti-corruption unit.

This online course, put on by the Charles Sturt University is designed to professionalise the integrity sector by providing students with specialised knowledge of integrity systems and the environment in which they operate, including a theoretical and practical foundation that instils in graduates best practice approaches to corruption prevention.

TThe program has been designed to fill the gap between ethics and police/legal studies. Students will complete three subjects, including an elective. The three core subjects will be completed over two sessions, providing specialised knowledge of corruption prevention systems and the environment in which they operate. The program will be delivered through distance education utilising e-learning support, including online tuition, feedback, forums, assignment submission and access to resources.

Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:

  • recognise and describe the ethical frameworks applicable to the delivery of public service
  • analyse the impact of corruption on public value and benefit, whilst identifying the key challenges in promoting and administering ethics and integrity within the public sector
  • demonstrate an understanding of corruption and misconduct from both a comparative / historical and domestic / international context
  • apply theoretical perspectives to the understanding of why corruption and misconduct can arise
  • apply and evaluate different approaches for addressing integrity assurance and corruption prevention
  • strategise on how to build resilience within an anti-corruption or integrity assurance work environment
  • understand and apply management strategies to corruption and integrity issues.


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12 Feb 2014

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