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Fraud and Corruption Summer School, 16-20 June 2014, London

This five-day course, offered by the MIS Training Institute, is designed to encourage students to share experiences through workshop-style exercises combined with real life examples and brain storming exercises.

The interactive teaching style includes a field trip, presentations, and an analysis of realistic scenarios on film. By the end of the course you will be equipped to pinpoint where fraud and corruption are occurring, be highly tuned to recognizing red flags, and have the skills to educate management and the rest of your organization on how to reduce the risk and impact of fraud, corruption, and other forms of unethical business behavior.

 The course is broken up into two parts: Conducting an Investigation into Fraud and Corruption and Conducting a Fraud Risk Assessment.

 The first part, led by Allan McDonach, an experienced forensics expert and former Deputy Managing Director of Network Security Management Limited, provides students with the practical tools needed to identify, investigate, and remediate fraud and corruption from the workplace. The course will provide a three-dimensional focus on the importance of careful planning and research, and will provide a framework to enable you to develop your plans and tools, and to adapt your thinking to that of a top-class fraud investigator.

 A workshop and a presentation from a forensic computer expert that outlines the importance of preserving computer evidence are included in this two-day module.

 The second part, led by Nigel Iyer, an innovative fraud detection and investigation practitioner, and Richard Minogue, a financial management, internal audit, and investigation expert, focuses on recognizing where fraud and corruption affect an organization. The focus is therefore on implementing countermeasures, offering practical tools and techniques for identifying early warning signals, developing and implementing an effective fraud and corruption health check program, increasing managerial engagement and the effectiveness of anti-fraud and corruption training, and learning from experiences in order to prevent recurrence.

 Two books are also offered to participants, an ebook called The Tightrope (a journey through the world of fraud and corruption), by Nigel Iyer, and A Short Guide to Fraud Risk, by Nigel Iyer and Martin Samociuk.

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07 Mar 2014

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