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Anti-Corruption in Local Governance, 14-18 July 2014

The International Anti-Corruption Academy is offering training on anti-corruption in local governance.

The Anti-Corruption in Local Governance Training is a five-day programme focusing on corruption in local governance and municipal administration. It will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the various types and mechanisms of corruption in local governance and enhance their capacity to develop measures for strengthening local integrity systems. The programme is taught by leading international academics and experts from preeminent professional organizations.

Target Group

Mayors, local politicians, regional government administrators, municipal leaders, experts from ombudsman offices and local anti-corruption organizations, and governance experts from development organizations


14 - 18 July 2014


14 March - 14 May 2014

Language of Instruction


Certificate Awarded

Certificate of Completion

Tuition Fee

2,400 EUR (includes lunch, round trip transportation from Vienna to IACA, and evening meals)


Tuition waivers are offered to participants from Least Developed Countries on a competitive basis


Participants are responsible for their own accommodation. A limited amount of rooms will be pre-booked at hotels in various categories in Vienna as well as areas in close proximity to IACA.


Course Topics

  • Types, risks, and consequences of corruption at the local level
  • Transparency, accountability and public participation at the local level
  • Strategies to develop and implement local integrity systems
  • Curbing corruption in public procurement and licensing
  • Leadership responsibility in addressing corruption
  • Integrity incentives in public administration


For further information, click here.

13 Mar 2014

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