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5th Senior Executive Certificate in Institutional Integrity Management, 8-17 April 2014, Hong Kong

This Senior Executive Certificate in Institutional Integrity Management programme is developed to train and prepare future Certified Institutional Integrity Officer (CIIO). It aims to equip participants with both professional knowledge and skills for strengthening the institutional integrity profile of their organizations (either public or private) and hence enhance their capabilities to safeguard their organizations against corruption and internal fraud. It will prepare them for registration in future CIIO Scheme.

The course consists of three integrated modules: (1) Institutional Framework for Controlling Corruption; (2) Corruption & Fraud Prevention and Education and (3) Detection and Investigation of Corrupt Practices and Fraud.


Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be able to:


  1. design and set up an integrity committee within his/her own institutional environment;
  2. formulate and manage institutional ethic policy and tailor-made staff code of ethics;
  3. formulate, manage and review annual institutional integrity action plan;  
  4. conduct random integrity checking on staff and on all new appointees;
  5. integrate education and training efforts in anti-corruption management;
  6. demonstrate abilities and competencies in establishing a complaint mechanism, proactive monitoring and investigation, knowledge & techniques in effective law enforcement in combating corruption and internal fraud.


For further information, click here. For the programme leaflet, please click here.

25 Mar 2014

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