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Patrícia Luque Carreiro

Posted by Cristina Vélez at Jul 14, 2014 11:30 AM |
Institution(s): University of Brasília. Research Field: Behavioural science of corruption.

Patrícia Luque Carreiro is a PhD student at University of Brasília, in Brazil. As a psychologist, her main interest is to investigate corrupt acts, from a behavioural science perspective. She is currently working on the development of an experimental model with special focus on the consequences of corruption.


Patrícia also works at the Federal Court of Accounts (in Portuguese, Tribunal de Contas da União), a governmental institution responsible for auditing the proper use of federal public funds and assets.



Patrícia's latest contributions to the ACRN:

-When Crime pays: Measuring Judicial Efficacy against Corruption in Brazil

-Cultures of Corruption

-Can Corruption be studied in the Lab?: Comparing a Field and a Lab Experiment


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