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Niklas Kossow

Posted by ACRN Editor at Jul 10, 2014 05:40 PM |
Institution(s): Hertie School of Governance Research Field: social media and corruption

Niklas studied at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, where his research focused on of anti-corruption, democratization, civil society and social media – particularly in Eastern Europe and Russia. Previously he studied at University College London, the Russian State University for the Humanities and St. Petersburg State University.


He also has worked at a number of organizations, including the German Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs and Transparency International UK. After graduating from the Hertie School Niklas is now a Mercator Fellow 2014/2015, where his research centres around investigating the use of social media as a tool for anticorruption.


Niklas' latest contributions to the ACRN:

-The Role of Civil Society in Anti-Corruption the Story of Ukraine

-Using ICTs to Create a Culture of Transparency; E-Government and Social Media as Openness and Anti-Corruption Tools for Societies

-The Political Power of Social Media Technology: The Public Sphere and Political Change

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