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Donatella Casale

Posted by Marie Terracol at Aug 08, 2014 04:15 PM |
Institution: University of Siena Reserach fileld: Anti-Corruption policy in local governments

Donatella is a doctoral researcher and graduate teaching assistant in Public Sector Management at the University of Siena, Department of Business and Law.


She holds a MSc in Business Administration and Management from the University of Florence, where she worked on Business Ethics and Subjective Well-Being. She had previous research and work experience in various research institutes and firms both in Italy and abroad.


Her current doctoral research focuses on the Implementation of Anti-Corruption Policy by Public Managers in Local Governments through a Comparative Policy Process Analysis.



Donatella's latest contributions to the ACRN:

-Whistle-blowing Individual and Organizational Determinants of the Decision to Report Wrongdoing in the Federal Government

-The Impact of Anti-Corruption Strategies on Corruption-free Performance in Public Construction Projects

-Corruption Intimidation and Whistle-blowing a Theory of Inference from Unverifiable Reports

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