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Berta van Schoor

Posted by ACRN Editor at Jul 10, 2014 05:25 PM |
Institution(s): Technical University of Munich, Nürtingen University, Research Field: multi-stakeholder anti-corruption initiatives and business ethics.

Berta van Schoor is a PhD candidate in Business Ethics at the Technical University of Munich. Prior to this, she worked at Cologne Institute for Economic Research as academic consultant. Berta studied multi-lingual communication in Cologne and Granada, and earned her Master of Science in management of innovation in Esslingen, Germany.


She has been a guest lecturer at Pforzheim University and Nürtingen University in business ethics. Moreover, she is assistant leader of the regional Transparency International chapter in Baden-Württemberg. Her research interests lie in the field of prevention of corruption through multi-stakeholder initiatives, the role of incentives structures and sanctions in curtailing corruption and business ethics.




Berta's latest contributions to the ACRN:

-Breaking the Resource Cursrse: Transparency in the Natural Resource Sector and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

-Input and Output Legitimacy of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives

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