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About the Anti-Corruption Research Network

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Our research correspondents

ACRN Research Correspondents are young scholars working on corruption research from a wide range of disciplines and regions. They contribute literature reviews of the latest and best in academic corruption research for the ACRN web platform.

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Niklas Kossow

Institution(s): Hertie School of Governance. Research Field: social media and corruption Read More...

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Berta van Schoor

Institution(s): Technical University of Munich, Pforzheim University. Research Field: multi-stakeholder anti-corruption initiatives and business ethics Read More...

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Brigitte Zimmerman

Institution(s): UCSD. Research Field: political economy of corruption

Giulio Nessi


Institution(s): Bocconi University of Milan. Research field: Public International Law, Transnational Criminal Law, and European Human Rights Law Read More...

Eugen Dimant

Institution(s): University of Paderborn, Germany and Harvard University, USA. Research Field: Behavioural economics of corruption, migration and corruption Read More...

Patricia Luque Carreiro

Institution(s): University of Brasília. Research Field: Behavioural science of corruption. Read More...

Donatella Casale

Institution: University of Siena. Reserach fileld: Anti-Corruption policy in local governments Read More...

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Lucía Gabriela Ixtacuy Figueroa

Institution(s): Hertie School of Governance Research Field: civil society and citizens’ initiatives against corruption Read More...

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Shahanaz Müller

Institution(s): Deloitte Forensic, Vienna, Austria. Research field: Whistleblowing

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