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About the Anti-Corruption Research Network

 What’s at stake?

Around the globe, corruption researchers from a range of fields need better access to cutting edge information coming from both academia and from practical experience. Likewise, within the Transparency International movement there are often instances where our chapters and activists are working on an anti-corruption project, and need vital background research done to explore key issues more in-depth.

 What we’re doing about it

 The Anti-Corruption Research Network

 The Anti-Corruption Research Network, set up by Transparency International in 2010, provides an open global meeting point for researchers from a host of disciplines to present their latest findings and exchange ideas with peers and practitioners. It offers an online platform and quarterly research newsletter for anti-corruption researchers to present their latest findings and exchange ideas and information with peers and practitioners. The ACRN therefore provides an efficient entry point into the academic anti-corruption knowledge base for policy-makers and in-country experts.

 Further, the ACRN aims to stimulate and foster new, innovative research to address knowledge gaps and emerging issues in the field of anti-corruption. In particular, it promotes the engagement of young researchers working on governance and anti-corruption.

 Campus for Transparency

 The ACRN also coordinates the Campus for Transparency, which seeks to harness the research, expertise and creativity found in leading universities around the world. It links the various knowledge needs of Transparency International chapters with universities seeking to give their students experience of real-world consultancy projects. These collaborations help professionalise the anti-corruption movement by connecting national chapters with academics, providing additional research resources to Transparency International and introducing the next generation of policy-makers, scholars and practitioners to anti-corruption work.


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