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ACRN is proud to be a global network of creators and users of anti-corruption research. Our member directory can help you find experts and peers in your area of research interest. Please note that contacting ACRN members for personal or commercial purposes or for solicitation is a violation of the ACRN Terms of Use.

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Ajit Sharma

Institution: University of Michigan

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Al Ketbi

Institution: student

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Institution: University of Sriwijaya

I want to fight corruption!

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Alan L. Saum

Institution: Private

Concerned citizen curious on why NO ONE understands the level of corruption that lives on in belize and how it directly influences the world.we have seen belize shine from iran-contra to 911 and beyond. belize is an international hub from money laundering, counterfeiting, drug and human smuggling, which in there simplest form are the roots and foundation for terrorism support. and i really hate and dispise this non-visionary corrupt government in power today. thomas jefferson defined a patriot as a person that was willing to defend the people from his government. dey no patriot en belice!!!

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Alan Lawton

Institution: Monash University

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Alassane Diallo

Institution: CERDI

je suis un étudiant au centre d'étude et de recherche sur le développement international a l'université d’Auvergne en France. Mon adresse mail c'est

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Albert Arko-Cobbah

Institution: University of the Free State

An academic Librarian and a researcher. Areas of interest are access to information, civil society and good governance, especially, in Africa. Currently, working on paper of how to arrest corruption and poverty in Africa.

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Albert Arko-Cobbah

Institution: University of the Free State

Biography: Albert Arko-Cobbah A Ghanaian by birth and South African by naturalization. A Librarian and Researcher in Social Sciences, specializing in Access to Information, Civil Society and Good Governance in Africa. Educational qualifications include B. A. (Political Science, Philosophy, Study of Religions and African Studies); B.Bibl (Hons.) (Library and Information Science); MPA (Public Management and Administration). Currently working on PhD and the title of dissertation, “The right of access to information: Opportunities and challenges for civil society and good governance in South Africa”. Worked as a high school teacher in Ghana and Nigeria before settling in South Africa in 1985. A researcher in civil society, I am in regular contact with civil society organizations and served as the Provincial Coordinator of South African Non-Governmental Organizations Coalition (SANGOCO), for the Free State Province. I am an ordained minister in the Anglican Church and ministers in the Cathedral of St. Andrew and St. Michael and serves also as the Hospital Chaplain for Medi-Clinic, Bloemfontein, South Africa. Passionate in democracy, human rights and good governance, have published extensively and presented papers at local and international conferences on civil society, access to information and good governance in Africa. Member of various professional associations like the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIST), International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR), Civicus (World Alliance of Citizen Participation) Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), Global Development Network (GDnet) and Knowledge Management for Africa (KMA). And won various awards.

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Albert Lihalakha

Institution: African Development Bank

I am the Principal Forensic Officer with the African Development Bank's Integrity and Anti-Corruption Department (IACD). Previously I have worked on white collar crime cases across the United States and now in Africa with the African Development Bank. I specialize in high technology investigations, risk assessment and analysis, computer forensic examinations and evidence recovery.

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Alberto Doce Capeans

Institution: Fordham University

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