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ACRN is proud to be a global network of creators and users of anti-corruption research. Our member directory can help you find experts and peers in your area of research interest. Please note that contacting ACRN members for personal or commercial purposes or for solicitation is a violation of the ACRN Terms of Use.

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ahmed doma

Institution: party

i'm Interested in economy and research or against corruption in this area, participated in the last year in the conference to examine cash for research dealing with corruption in Egypt

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Institution: UH2M CASABLANCA

I'm a physics and mathematics teacher . I'm a human rights activist at @AmnestyMorocco, Active Member at @jci casa Impact. Researcher PhD student

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Ahmed Mohammed Awel

Institution: University of Warwick

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Ahmed Mohammed Awel

Institution: University of Warwick

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Ahmed Omar

Institution: Bani'Adam Relief Organization

A humanitarian worker, live in Mogadishu, I have in this feild for the last 7 years, worked with local, INGOs in Somalia,I have the intention to write something an overwelming corruption somalia specially in the humanitarian sector. Ahmed Omar Programme Manager Bani'Adam Somalia

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Institution: National Accountability Bureau

Associated with law enforcement of anti-corruption laws while working in the National Accountability Bureau, the apex anti-corruption agency of federal government of Pakistan created through National Accountability Ordinance 1999. Tasks performed are i. Conducting investigation ii. Supervising investigations, investigators and prosecutors iii. Ensure proper assistance to Accountability Courts during trial.

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Aida Hadzic

Institution: Association for Social Research and Communication

The Association for Social Research and Communication (UDIK) helps post-Yugoslav societies to establish the rule of law and to accept the legacy of massive human rights violations in order to identify the criminal responsibility of perpetrators, to meet justice and prevent the repetition of such crimes. It is the affirmation of the value of an open civil society, with clearly defined priorities in terms of promotion and protection of human rights, as well as youth involvement in social and political processes through peace activism. It is also engaged in the fight against corruption and organized crime that impact Bosnia and Herzegovina. The transitional Justice Programme of UDIK is being conducted through the following units: 1. Documenting 2. Justice and Institutions reform 3. Memorisation The Anti-corruption programme of UDIK is carried out through the following units: 1. Reducing the scope for action of organized crime 2. Reducing corruption at high levels 3. Increasing transparency in areas susceptible to corruption and oganised crime. Vision Our vision is Bosnia and Herzegovina as a fair, open society of active citizens through respect for human rights with a government that serves the public interest.

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Aiden Sidebottom

Institution: University College London

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Aiman Nariman Mohd-Sulaiman

Institution: international islamic university malaysia

please access for assoc prof Dr aiman Nariman Mohd Sulaiman

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Institution: World Bank

I am pursuing an LL.M in democratic governance and rule of law. One of the module is competitiveness and corruption. After taking this subject my interests has lead me to do more research and studies in this area. At the moment I am doing an internship with Integrity Vice Presidency of World Bank.

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