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ACRN is proud to be a global network of creators and users of anti-corruption research. Our member directory can help you find experts and peers in your area of research interest. Please note that contacting ACRN members for personal or commercial purposes or for solicitation is a violation of the ACRN Terms of Use.

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Adarsha Tuladhar

Institution: Private

Name: Adarsha Tuladhar (Mr) Date of Birth: August 28, 1949 Marital Status: Married (to Mrs Pushpa Shova Tuladhar) Mailing address: 298/27 Siddhidasmarg (Ason), Kathmandu Municipality, Nepal Education: - MA in Development Studies (from Institute of Social Studies, the Netherlands, 1990)) - M.Sc in Civil Engineering (from Kiev Civil Engineering, Kiev, Ukraine, 1970) Training: * Project Management and Programme Administration (from Management for Development Foundation (MDF), Ede, the Netherlands, 1998) * Design, Monitoring & Evaluation for Peacebuilding and Conflict-sensitive Development, and * Bridging Human Rights, Conflict Resolution and Development (from American University, School of International Service/The Peacebuilding and Development Institute, Washington, DC, USA, 2005) Employment record (most recent ones only): - From 8 Dec. ‘08 to 7 Dec. ‘09: Worked as Team Leader/Anti-corruption Specialist, under contract with DEVTEC - a leading National Consulting Agency in the "Support to Anti-Corruption Institutions" Project funded by ADB, Manila and coordinated by the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Government of Nepal. The main objective of this one year technical assistance project was to identify the priority capacity development needs of five pre-identified anti-corruption institutions of Nepal: National Vigilance Center (NVC), Office of the Auditor General (OAG) and Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI) from the GoN Executive branch, Special Court from the Judiciary, and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) from the Legislature and to enhance their capacities to fulfill their statutory mandates in fighting corruption. - From 23 Nov. '05 to 31 March '08: Worked as Project Coordinator, under contract with Pro Public - a leading National NGO in the "Civil Society Anti-Corruption Project" funded by DFID, UK under Enabling State Program (ESP). Within the project period, I have: 1) led, monitored, coordinated and provided guidance in implementation of project activities in 10 project districts (Jhapa, Morang, Dhanusha, Parsa, Chitwan, Kaski, Rupandehi, Dang, Banke and Kailali) through Project Offices; 2) supervised capacity building programme - in the form of Training of Trainer (ToT) programme - for civil society organizations (CSOs) from 10 project districts – in proposal writing, simple accounting principles, advocacy / awareness campaign skills, public auditing, and citizen report card preparation; 3) instituted citizen anti-corruption groups such as ‘Corruption Monitoring Network’ (CMN) and ‘Complaint Hearing Unit’ (CHU) comprising members from CSOs, government bodies and political parties in each project district to wage awareness campaign for establishing good governance, especially efficient delivery of public services, inculcate ‘why culture’, and fight for ‘zero tolerance’ against corruption.

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ADEBAYO, Ranmi Adeniran Phillips

Institution: Centre for Conflict Resolution

I am A Social Activist and Conflict mediator

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Adefioye Segun

Institution: Obafemi Awolowo University

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Institution: U of S

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Ademola Adebo

Institution: Code of Conduct Bureau, The Presidency, Abuja

I am a distinguished FORD FOUNDATION SCHOLAR in Political Science. I hold a PhD and M.A degrees in Political Science and, B.A. degree in Sociology. My professional area of specialization, research focus and policy orientation is on POLITICAL ECONOMY OF DEVELOPMENT AND UNDERDEVELOPMENT. Specifically, I am concern with examining and identifying external and internal factors that promotes,accelerates,and conditions underdevelopment and poverty in nations like Nigeria;and the appropriate policy measures require for genuine development and social progress. As a Political Economist I believe that corruption in a major internal factor that promotes poverty and inhibits development in Nigeria. My interest is to work towards the development of national policy and program capable of combating corruption. I believe that the emphasis in the fight against corruption should be on prevention and public education. Currently, I am the Honorable Federal Commissioner, Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB)in Nigeria. The CCB is Nigeria's first and only constitutional anti corruption authority. By virtue of my current position I am a constitutional anti corruption executive officer with statutory powers and responsibility to implement the mandate of the CCB. I have several publications in learning journals and books.I have attended and participated in many local and international conferences/seminars on anti corruption where useful papers were presented. I am an active member of IAACA.

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Aditi Mittal

Institution: LSE

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Adrien Roux

Institution: Aix-Marseille Université

Doctorant contractuel auprès d'Aix-Marseille Université (Aix-en-Provence, France) et chargé de mission d'enseignement en droit pénal et sciences criminelles. Je réalise une thèse de doctorat en droit portant sur "la corruption internationale: Essai sur la répression d'un phénomène transnational".

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Aejaz Mussa

Institution: University of York

I am studying the LL.M in International Human Rights Law and Practice at the University of York. I am researching the relationship between corruption and human rights for my thesis and therefore would be pleased to contribute and learn from ACRN.

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Afanyi Ngeh

Institution: The Foundation for Human Rights and Development (FHRD)

Name: Afanyi Vertain Ngeh Married Qualification: Doctorate in Philosophy, PhD research student University of Yaounde I;acquired experience in governance, anticorruption and human rights. Professional experience:Founder and Executive president, The Foundation for Human rights and Development (FHRD)a research, training and advocacy NGO in Cameroon since 1998. Former project Coordinator, Anticorruption organization Cameroon (; Currently, project manager, FACTS Project ie 'Fight Against Corruption Through Schools'an integrity project in Cameroon's private school system supervised by Catholic Relief Services Cameroon. Many unpulished works: Corruption and Impunity Rule Cameroon Fighting Corruption Through Court Action: Experiences from Cameroon Protecting whistleblowers amidst Institutionalized Corruption:Lessons from Cameroon A Comparative Study of Anticorruption Strategies Essential Benchmarks for Combating Institutionalized Corruption Corruption and Education: A Plague to Society

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Africa Insights

Institution: Africa Insights Research

Who are we ? Africa Insights Research (AIR) is an independent market research consulting firm that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice to companies, organizations and global leaders. We offer customized quantitative and qualitative research services. We are there to deliver insights extracted from key decision makers with the power to drive change by building on a solid understanding of your business and culture. Our research practitioners are highly trained experienced and are committed to collaborating with you in your business to make those decisions successful. We gather high quality insights in order to create the future, not predicting it. Our research and strategy services truly help you determine where you are, where you want to be and how to get there because we are the voice of the customers (VOC) Why choose AIR? We provide strategic guidance to organizations , through a hands-on, highly personalized approach and always delivers to you on time and not packaged data. Since inception, Africa Insights Research has been dedicated to delivering some insights solutions, always keeping in mind that no matter the methodology, the country, or the respondent type, the final results of any research study are only as reliable as the data collected. Our Partnership with clients is built around • Respect, honesty, integrity and flexibility • Being passionate about Clients’ business, • An understanding of local/regional market dynamics • We are proud to be Zimbabwean

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