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ACRN is proud to be a global network of creators and users of anti-corruption research. Our member directory can help you find experts and peers in your area of research interest. Please note that contacting ACRN members for personal or commercial purposes or for solicitation is a violation of the ACRN Terms of Use.

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عبد الرازق حافظ

Institution: Egyptian Democratic Institute to raise awareness of constitutional rights and legal

انا اعمل الان على مشروع لمحاربة الفساد لمتابعة اخر اخباره #محاربى_الفساد ------------------------------------------------- Egyptian Democratic Institute - EDI Executive Director Ramy Hafez Tel/Fax : +202-35604735 Mob :+ 202 - 01100049120 E-mail : : ramyedi2007 Web site :

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A S M Sajjad Hossain

Institution: Anti-Corruption Commission, Bangladesh

I have been working for anti-corruption commission since 2011 as an assistant director. I am very much interested in anti-corruption research.

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A-M. M. Abdel-Rahman

Institution: King Saud University

I am a professor of economics at king Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am interested in issues of corruption and their impacts on economics growth and development.

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Institution: ALturath Engineering Consultants

I am a Chartered Surveyor,Arbitrator and Certified Construction Auditor with over 40 years of field experience. I also authored three books,details of which are given in my web My interest is Technical Auditing of construction.The biggest loss owing to frauds or corruption in one form or the other is in construction.That too in Government funded projects which are audited by Accountants.The loss has reached a level of upwards of US $ 4 Trillion per year,which is US $ 7.61 million per minute.US $ 1.50/per day per person of the entire world.This is the least discussed, totally missed subject.This always surprised me for a long time and continue to be so. What is required is a stern action, which can only be done by an International Institution as although the facts are plain for everybody to see, there is this question of vested financial interests, global leverage of the Accounting Institutions for a period of decades if not a century, a situation which helps everybody,other than the Client - Contractor ,Consultant,Engineers,auditors in the construction industry to survive and prosper.Unfortunately the pay master the Client is the loser,who here is the Government spending public money. I am reminded of the comments by the editor of a newspaper when the entire editorial was censored by the competent authority-“we can always understand when a child is afraid of the dark, the tragedy is men are afraid of the light” . I have sent a small easy to understand 6 page proposal to various Anti- corruption agencies and so far no reply. I am prepared to share same with your esteemed panel

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Aahar Abdi

Institution: jigjiga university

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aamar ilyas

Institution: ucp, Lahore

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Aanu' Rotimi

Institution: Development initiative for community enhancement

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Aaron B

Institution: UoM

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Institution: Internews

Susan Abbott joined Internews as the Deputy Director of Program Development in 2010. Abbott supports Internews’ programs worldwide on monitoring, evaluation, research and learning. She is a frequent speaker, organizer of events, and author of publications related to monitoring and evaluation of media development programs. She is a co-director of an annual summer school program at Central European University that seeks to improve practitioner and academic understanding on various matters of media development. Abbott is a co-editor of Measures of Press Freedom and Media Contributions to Development: Evaluating the Evaluators (Peter Lang, 2011).

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Abdi ibrahim


A Ford Foundation Fellow an a teacher by profession with two masters; Master in Education Administration and Planning from The University Nairobi and Master of Education Research from The University of Birmingham (UK). Though i have written much about corruption I often used non-formal forums to spiritually discourage corruption in total to the extent that they describe me as someone living in another world not Kenya. I hope to carry out some basic research on specific areas of how corruption is endangering service delivery.

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