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ACRN - Anti-Corruption Research Network

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    From corruption to state capture: a new analytical framework

    A recent paper published by the Corruption Research Center Budapest offers an exciting new take on how to analyse state capture; a term which is widely debated and used, yet has so far largely escaped a precise analytical definition and measurement.

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    Video interviews of anti-corruption researchers

    In eight video interviews, six anti-corruption researchers talk about their research, what they learned, the new and promising areas of anti-corruption research and give tips to help young researchers interested in this field.

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    Mainstreaming ethics and anti-corruption in higher education: the Poznan Declaration

    In this blog, Marcus Tannenberg from the Quality of Government Institute presents the “Poznan Declaration”, a declaration aiming at mainstreaming ethics and anti-corruption throughout higher education.

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    Anti-Corruption Revolutions: When Civil Society Steps In

    Can an empowered civil society with access to public information make a difference in the fight against corruption?

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    National Anticorruption Strategies: Lessons from the Asia-Pacific Region

    Released by UNDP Bangkok office on December 9, "Anticorruption Strategies: Understanding What Works, What Doesn’t and Why — Lessons from the Asia-Pacific Region" draws on the experience of 14 countries in the region to help guide policymakers wanting to promulgate a national strategy or revise an existing one.

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ANTICORRP Researchers Published in New Handbook of Political Corruption

A new volume, the Routledge Handbook of Political Corruption, has just been published and includes a number of chapters by ANTICORRP researchers.

Doublethink, Russian Style

Why do people have double standards?

ANTICORRP Researchers Win New Project

Five European research institutes, including two ANTICORRP consortium institutions have just won a new EU-funded research project, DIGIWHIST, aimed at empowering society to combat public sector corruption.

Quantitative Report: Why do some societies manage to establish control of corruption and others not?

Why do some societies manage to establish control of corruption and others not?


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