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ACRN - Anti-Corruption Research Network

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    Corruption in EU financial aid in the European Neighbourhood countries

    Magdalena Lyubenova discusses her winning entry to the Transparency International competition for the best anti-corruption thesis.

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    Paulius Murauskas, of Transparency International's Lithuanian Chapter, gives a snapshot of what can be expected from attending the Transparency International School on Integrity in 2016.

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    Levels of public integrity show multi-speed Europe

    New ranking of public integrity in the European Union Member States shows Finland leading, with Bulgaria lagging behind.

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    Friends with benefits? Join the debate on policy capture at the OECD Itegrity Forum!

    A guest blog from Michael Johnston and Frédéric Boehm. Michael is the Charles A. Dana Professor of political science at Colgate University, USA. Frédéric is a Policy Analyst at the OECD.

The Global Meeting-Point for Anti-Corruption Research




Hot off the press

Research Article
28 Apr 2010

Global Integrity Report, 2008

The Global Integrity Report is a tool for understanding governance and anti-corruption mechanisms at the national level. Utilising a network of in-country researchers and journalists, the report provides both quantitative data and qualitative reporting on the health of a country's anti-corruption framework. The 2008 report found that for the third consecutive year, poor regulation over political financing remains the most critical governance challenge around the world, with the vast majority of ...

Research Article
28 Jan 2010

Global Corruption Barometer 2009

The only worldwide public opinion survey on perceptions and experience of corruption, the Global Corruption Barometer provides information on the extent of corruption across government and private sector institutions based on the responses of ordinary people, supplementing the views of experts presented in other surveys. The 2009 Barometer interviewed 73,132 people in 69 countries and territories between October 2008 and February 2009.

Research Article
23 Nov 2009

Sudden Deaths: Taking Stock of Geographic Ties

In a very innovative approach to quantify grand corruption by the private sector, Faccio and Parsley analysed the correlation between the sudden death of politicans and the market value of companies headquartered in the politician’s hometown. Analysis of a worldwide sample reveals a market-adjusted 1.7% decline in the value of these companies after the death of the politician.

Research Article
12 Aug 2009

Kleptocratic Interdependence: Trafficking, Corruption, and the Marriage of Politics and Illicit Profits

How fundamentally new and different is “organized crime” in today's increasingly globalized world? How extensive are the ostensibly expanding links between international organized crime and domestic, state-based corruption, and how significant a threat do such links pose? And why, since conventional wisdom suggests corruption and criminality are most likely to thrive where governance is weakest, and border porosity greatest, are many of the world's most significant transnational criminal ...

Research Article
20 Oct 2003

Organised Crime, Corruption and Punishment

In this very interesting paper the authors analyze the role of competition and corruption in global organised crime. The utilise an oligopoly model in which differentiated criminal organisations globally compete on criminal activities and engage in local corruption to avoid punishment.

EU Anticorrp

ANTICORRP Research Pioneer Measurements on Government Favouritism

Researchers of the EU FP7 ANTICORRP project recently published the third volume of the policy series “The Anticorruption Report”.

Book Launch

The Hertie School of Governance and the ANTICORRP research project are hosting a book launch and roundtable discussion to discuss Alina Mungiu-Pippidi's new book...


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